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Thirty-two pine replicas of caskets, each topped with a black cross and flowers, sit in the playground of Sabina Church in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. The caskets, made by teenagers, represent the 32 Chicago Public Schools students who died from violence in 2008.

Lesson Plan Questions: 

• These caskets are not part of a funeral. Instead, they were displayed to send a message. What message do you think the wooden caskets were meant to send?

• What choices did the photographer make in shooting this image? How do those choices impact what you see as well as the message he hopes to send?

• What projects and people make life better in your community? In the nation? Around the world? How have you learned about these people and projects? What role does the press play in telling these stories? How else do we learn about them? How important is it that we know about the good things happening in our communities as well as the bad?