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A football player from Murray's Dream Team is seen here celebrating a goal scored during a match being held to mark the team's commemoration day.

Lesson Plan Questions: 

• Where are your eyes drawn in this photograph? As you examine the picture, what stands out?

The title of Pep Bonet’s project is “Faith in Chaos,” and he notes in his artist statement that these images capture “the lives of youth in Sierra Leone as they create chances for themselves in a land where opportunities are rare.”

• In viewing these three photographs together, what words or feelings come to mind to describe these young men, given Bonet’s title and description of the project?

• How does the composition of each image speak to the idea of “faith in chaos”?

• Pep Bonet suggests that “these images shed light on a side of Sierra Leone (and Africa) that we don’t often see—of stamina, pride, and self-confidence.” In your view, what are the ways in which these images explore or convey those characteristics?

• How does the common theme of football (soccer) in these photographs help to explain something about life in the aftermath of civil war,
violence, or genocide?