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A man carries the coffin of a villager killed during a massacre by the Guatemalan Army in 1981, in Cocop, Nebaj, about 300 km northwest of Guatemala City. After the exhumation of 76 villagers killed on April 16, 1981, in Cocop, a team of forensic anthropologists made a scientific study of the bones and clothes of the massacred villagers to identify their remains. After more than 2 years of study, the anthropologists gave the remains to their relatives for burial. June 10, 2008.

Lesson Plan Questions: 

• Photographer Rodrigo Abd says that “relief can be found in the simple acts of closing the cycle of mourning, giving a proper burial, and honoring those who were wronged.” What is your response to his statement?

• As you view this photograph, take note of the hat and its relationship to the rest of the image. It is not placed on the head of a living person; rather, it is held alongside the coffin. What might this communicate about the untold story of genocide in Guatemala and its aftermath?