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Eternity Gaddy, a 13-year-old bystander struck by a stray bullet during a suspected gang shooting, she was pronounced dead at 9:22 a.m. Monday, September 3, 2008. Eternity was shot in the head early Sunday. The young resident of Allentown, Pa., and her mother had been spending the summer in Humboldt Park, the sometimes-violent a neighborhood from which the family had moved years ago. They were hours away from leaving when Eternity-standing with her mother, cousin and others outside her aunt's apartment in the 3400 block of Potomac Avenue was hit with a bullet fired by men emerging from a nearby alley. Before she was born, Eternity's family hoped a move to Pennsylvania would be an escape from gang violence in Humboldt Park.

Lesson Plan Questions: 

• Why do you think the photograph is titled “Bystander”? How does the title relate to the image itself?

• Many people see themselves as bystanders—individuals who lack the power and influence to make a difference. Others are convinced that there are no limits to what people can accomplish if they join together with those who share their vision. What do you think? To what extent can people stop violence around them and regain control
of their community?